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DeskDivers is changing... To be honest, that’s not really true... DeskDivers is actually growing...
Whilst we have added to the information about various watches, the wealth of information hosted by DeskDivers about the ploprof has also grown over the years. A large slice of the site has become a homage to the great watch, leading some to suggest that perhaps we have become a little PloProf heavy!
So.. we’ve created a new sister site... its called www.ploprof.com Click on the banner below if you would like to go directly there.
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PloProf.com will become the home for all things about the Omega PloProf models. We have decided to make this change as the Omega PloProf is now one of the most well known dive watches of all time, of course that wasn’t always the case. Many of you will remember the first time you saw a ploprof and its nice to know that there were many who heard about the watch first at DeskDivers.
The move of the PloProf information to its own dedicated site will leave room at DeskDivers to focus on what we originally set out to do here, namely, to give you the information you couldn’t find elsewhere about rare dive watches...
To celebrate the new site and these changes, we’ve got a superb (if we say so ourselves) article just round the corner for you. Its probably the biggest and best work we’ve done to date and we think you will be impressed... It will be released shortly so please keep checking back on the site.
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